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Dave Chappell Blues
Sat Jan 1 3

Live with Patty Reese & Dave Chappell

Dave and I are thrilled to be playing for you close to home before we head to Memphis to represent the The DC Blues Society in the International Blues Challenge, This is our final opportunity to raise some funds to help with travel and hotel expenses. There is no cover charge – all are welcome! We will have an “expenses” jar out and if one can contribute that would be great! You can also contribute at PayPal using e-mail

Patty Reese is a fan favorite and critics’ choice in the Mid-Atlantic region and over the years and she’s collected enough WAMMIES (Washington Area Music Awards) to fill the a major DC pothole. Awards include Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Roots Rock Band and Vocalist as well as national songwriting awards.

Reese is excited to get her brand new and fourth release LET IN THE SUN out to the world. Patty’s previous release, Strong Medicine, (WAMA’s Album of the Year) held the #1 position on the AirPlay Direct Global Radio Indicator Charts™ (displaying the top singles downloaded for airplay by radio programmers) for 4 weeks and has been played on over 700 stations worldwide.

An acoustic and intimate house concert, rocking the house at the Birchmere, commanding a standing ovation at Maryland’s Strathmore Music Hall on the Woodstock tribute, that’s where you might have seen Patty Reese and you can be sure she was lighting the place up with uninhibited effervescence. Her strong songwriting, dynamic vocals and solid guitar work make her a powerful solo act—or add in a mega talented band of music vets and lookout below!

Comparisons have been made, that Reese claims as influences, including Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan.

Proven a great match up with national Blues and Roots luminaries, Patty has supported many including Beth Hart, Delbert McClinton, Tab Benoit, Jimmie Vaughan and Dr John.

Her January 2017 release LET IN THE SUN on Azalea City Recordings label, just keeps delivering song after song with clever, timely subjects and solid musical prowess. Aside from the Title Track “Let In The Sun” other standout songs are “Awesome Sauce” incorporating a New Orleans “second line” groove. The song title itself is a good analogy for the mix of musical styles, love and energy that is delivered here. “Good Neighbor,” a song everyone can relate to, (you might find your head nodding yes and chuckling over the truth in this upbeat sophisticated shuffle) takes familiar thoughts and winds them unpredictably into a rant of the good and bad things about neighbors.

The CD features guitarist Jonathan Sloane; bassist Sonny Petrosky; drummer Andy Hamburger and Tommy Lepson (co-producer with Reese).

Says Reese:
“Music has always been my inspiration, my challenge, and a respite and safe harbor to express my sorrow, pain, anger, love, humor and everything that makes us human. I’ve always had a strong desire to explore, grow and improve. I love the work of being a musician—meeting new friends and fellow music lovers, a life surrounded by musicians and fellow creatives, being in a new place every night—it’s always new, always fresh.”

“This collection of songs is an honest representation of who I am, where I come from and where my heart is. The Blues remains the rock on which I have built every song I’ve ever written. I also love to incorporate songs by artists that inspire me and this time it was Steve Earle and Bob Dylan.”

Her powerhouse vocals, strong work ethic and sharply honed songwriting skills have led her to the release of LET IN THE SUN, her most captivating work to date. Be assured, the future in store for Patty with this release is already BRIGHT.

“The feeling that Patty puts in her music,

her soulful, bluesy voice and her personality

make her a staple at the Chesapeake Bay

Blues Festival. I get hundreds of demo

CDs a year. Patty’s new CD is my favorite.”

—Don Hooker, Producer

Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival

“With a voice like honey & sand, Patty Reese

can hold her own with any other soulstruck

singers. Her sense of dynamics brings out

the drama inherent in any good song –

and she can write them, too.”

—Michael Jaworek, The Birchmere

“It’s no secret that Patty Reese possesses a

stunning voice that knows no limits. Still- it

takes something more to move an audience

these days. Of course, there is no shortcut

to the sound of honesty – Patty Reese sings

it like she’s lived it because she has. While

anyone who has seen her perform live can

attest to the searing power & tender mercies

of a Patty Reese performance, Strong

Medicine showcases a complete & original

artist doing her best work yet.

“With guitar wizard Dave Chappell alongside

to conjure up the changing weather, Patty’s

excellent band follows her effortlessly as she

eases her way between driving rhythm and

blues, gorgeous folk-pop, and soulful rock

and roll. She’s a master song interpreter as

well- Listen to the way she stretches out the

title line during the coda of Warren Zevons’

lovely Keep Me In Your Heart For A While.

She sums up and captures all of the songs

yearning with one achingly beautiful

moment of improvisation. They can’t teach

you that at any school but Patty Reese will

show you how its done.”

—Ronnie Newmeyer, BandHouse Gigs,

Concert Promoter/Musician

“Patty Reese a truly gifted rock vocalist with

an amazing voice,who definitely deserves

success. Her song, “ Just Friends,” is a classic,

along with her version of Keep Me In Your

Heart and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Masterfully produced by the excellent

producer Marco Delmar, the album “ Strong

Medicine, is a testament to the great ability

of this supreme rock vocalist and shows the

versatility of her eclectic repertoire. A very

enjoyable album.”

—Fred Cannon, Senior Vice President,

Government Relations, BMI

“a critic and fan favorite….. When Wammie Award
-winnening artist Patty Reese takes the stage,
it’s immediately obvious why she receives the critical
acclaim that she does. She’s a very talented songwriter and guitarist, as well as a powerful and soulful performer.
…is able to float effortlessly between genres of pop,
blues, folk, jazz, and rock with a style that is both
dynamic and original.”

—Chesapeake Bay Music Guide
“I’m lovin’ your CD ‘Strong
Medicine!’ Not a
surprise that you won WAMA ‘Album Of The Year’…Rock It Up!” Cerphe Cowell, DJ,

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Fri Jan 2 6

Dave Ylvisaker

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Sat Jan 2 7

Dave North, Dave Ylvisaker & Bob Margolis

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Mon Jan 2 9


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